Where is Metro Center?

    Metro Center is located southeast of the I-270 and US-33 interchange and is approximately 210 acres. The general limits are Frantz Road (east), Interstate 270 (west), Bridge Street District (north) and Blazer Parkway (south). Some transportation tasks may require study and recommendations for area outside these limits. The planning area includes low-rise and mid-rise office buildings with large surface parking lots, smaller office condos, flex office buildings, hotels, some commercial services, undeveloped property, Smiley Park and the Cosgray Run. The area includes approximately 3,000 feet of highway frontage.

    How does the project connect to Envision Dublin?

    Envision Dublin is the process to update the Dublin Community Plan, the community’s long-range plan used to guide growth and change. The Metro Place Revitalization is one component of Envision Dublin and part of the project’s Special Area Plans.

    What is DCAP?

    The Dublin Corporate Area Plan (DCAP) is an area of approximately 960 acres that includes Dublin legacy office parks within the Metro Center, Blazer and Emerald business districts and Frantz Road corridor. DCAP builds upon a study of Dublin’s legacy office parks – including Metro Center and the businesses along Frantz Road and Blazer Parkway – and presents a long-range vision to determine ways to improve these areas for businesses, employees and residents, as well as encourage additional private investment that benefits the entire community.

    Why is this Important?

    Business retention and attraction is vital to our community’s corporate income tax base which funds City services, quality infrastructure and community amenities. To remain competitive, the City most continue to be the champion for innovation to help our older suburban office complexes evolve for the future of work.

    How can I get involved?

    Please sign up using the “Stay Informed” link on this page for updates and input opportunities as this project advances.

    What is the Timeline?

    The study is expected to be complete in August 2024 with important milestones throughout the process.